Congratulations on your engagement. Holy Spirit Parish community wishes to help you prepare carefully and well for your marriage by deepening the best human resources you have for your relationship- the capacity to love and trust, for tenderness, compassion, companionship and mutual support.
Your willingness to be married in the Church shows your desire to welcome God into your married life. The information below will help you prepare for your wedding and answer any questions you may have about getting married in our parish. Be assured of our parish community’s prayers as you prepare for this most important occasion in your lives.
Fr Stan Kluk CSMA Parish Priest

Before the BIG DAY
There are a few things that you need to do before the day of your wedding:

1. Booking the Church and the Priest
You need to notify the priest at least 6 months prior to your planned wedding day to book the church and begin to complete the necessary forms required by both Church and state.
2. The Pre Nuptial Inquiry
This is a meeting with you , your partner and the priest performing the wedding to get to know each other and complete the paper work for both the Church and the Australian Government concerning marriage.
3. Documentation
You will be required to provide a birth certificate and, if baptised, a recent copy of your Baptism Certificate. The baptism certificate must be dated within 6 months from the date of your wedding, and state that you are free to marry.
4. Marriage Preparation Program
Because marriage is a sacrament of the Church and therefore viewed with great seriousness, you and your partner will be required to attend an accredited Marriage Preparation program. There are a number of programs run in Sydney that you can attend. Information and dates will be given to you during your prenuptial inquiry meeting.

To find out more about the Sacrament of Marriage please contact Parish Office on 9888 2569

Please have a look at the “Getting Married in the Catholic Church” brochure from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference for further details. Catholic-Weddings-Q-A-on-Getting-Married-in-the-Catholic-Church