Lectors and Commentators

COULD YOU BE AN EFFECTIVE LECTOR? When we gather to celebrate the Mass, God is present in the assembly, the presider, the scriptures, and the form of the consecrated Eucharistic Bread and Wine. The first part of the Mass, the Liturgy of the Word, focuses on the scriptures. The lector is the minister who brings these to life for all to hear. To be able to do this, the lector must first understand the scripture passages and then successfully communicate them to the assembly. If you would like to join the lectors’ ministry, please contact Nadia, the Liturgy Coordinator, on

0419 269 692; caranadia@bigpond.com

Download lectors roster here:

ROSTER-08 June to 28 July 19




Irma Escalante
mob. 0403 314 519
email: irma.escalante@gmail.com