Acolytes and Altar Servers

The ministry of the acolyte is to serve at the altar, assisting the priest. The particular duties of the acolyte include the preparation of the altar and  the vessels for Mass and, as a special minister of the Eucharist, the giving of Communion to the faithful.
The acolyte coordinates the other ministries at Mass, ensuring that all preparations are made and all ministries are filled in good time before the commencement of Mass.

New Altar Ministry Roster Feb 2017 to June 2017 Ver 2

The ministry of the altar server is to serve at the altar, assisting the priest at the direction of the acolyte. The particular duties of altar servers  include the preparation of the altar and the vessels for Mass and the special duties of cross-bearer, candle-bearers. Altar servers also bear the bread, wine and water.

This ministry is open to boys and girls enrolled in Year 3 and above, in public and private school.
Contact Pearl Forrester 0407 702 812 or email for further information.

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