Fr. Stan writes . . .

The NSW Abortion Bill has been sent to a parliamentary committee for closer examination
this week. We are grateful for the many parishioners who supported and signed the petition
last week, in opposition to the bill.
As Catholics, we have the responsibility to spread Christ’s message about the dignity of all
human life to our culture. Let us pray that our leaders will be moved by the Holy Spirit and not
support this proposed legislation.
The Church embraces and stands up for the lives of all the unborn, while offering hope and
healing to parents who have chosen to abort their unborn children.
Help is available through Catholic Care’s Pregnancy Counselling and Support program, which
gives free face-to-face and telephone counselling for emotional and practical help. They can
also arrange one-on-one support for young women aged 16-25 years who are pregnant or have
a child. They understand that each situation is different, and their caring staff will help every
young mother put a support network in place that’s right for them.
Please call them to discuss your needs on 13 18 19 confidentially.